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Cats in London

People had been disappearing.

Which wasn't all that unusual, really. Not in a big city like London. People went missing all the time. Maybe they wanted a new life, maybe they died, maybe they just fell through the cracks. Normal.

Except there were more than usual, many of them happened around Trafalgar Square, and people were seeing things in the western fountain. So. Not so normal. And, strictly speaking, not actual his area. The Midnight Mayor was supposed to defend the city - the city, not the people. The Aldermen were keeping an eye on things, but as long as it was just people disappearing, as far as they were concerned it was just another magical oddity. None of their concern, unless things got worse. Strictly speaking, he wasn't supposed to be dealing with this at all.

Matthew had always been very good at doing the things he wasn't supposed to.

Although now that he was here, he was starting to think that maybe the Alderman was wrong. The fountain felt...wrong. Off. Out of balance, on a deeper level.

They planted their palms on the edge of the fountain, leaning over to stare into it. Would something reach up out of it, try to make them disappear? Would they see the flickers of a vision, off the odd, far-off places they'd heard about? If they let their senses drift, flow deeper into the waters, would they be able to find what it was that was taking people away...
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A fountain was not where Arhu had expected to turn up. The Gate had been stationed in the London subway, not the middle of a square with a fountain in it. And when he'd checked the patency on the New York side, he'd seen what he'd expected to see: the dark platform, the eyes of the member of the Gating team on the other side, and the familiar city where his sister lived.

So hopping through the extended Gate and landing with a splash in said fountain resulted in a yowl and a bolt for drier ground, which also involved a lot of splashing. The human in the way--

--oh vhai, someone saw me!--

--got a faceful of water, but at least he didn't get a faceful of cat claws, as Arhu managed to avoid blundering right into him. Just barely.
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Dripping tail lashing, fur fluffed up in an attempt to keep the water off his skin-- and in reaction to water; Arhu had bad experiences with water, in his past, worse than most cats had to contend with-- the cat eyed the man warily. There was something he was doing, some kind of... magic? It wasn't like anything Arhu had ever felt before.

But he didn't seem dangerous exactly, and it meant that this was a fellow wizard. So, he spoke in the Speech, hoping he'd be understood, whatever alternate universe this was: "Dhai stiho. I am on errantry and I greet you. Though I don't know where I am, exactly. Or what problem I'm supposed to fix."

The Eye was telling him modern London, but not which modern London, which wasn't particularly helpful. Obviously not the one he meant to be in. The Eye was also telling him that the problem didn't actually have all that much to do with the Gate, because it was showing him nothing regarding it. Also not helpful.
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"Well, sure." Shuddering as a bit of water trickled through his fur to his skin, Arhu sat down and started pressing it out with his tongue. Between licks, he continued, "I'd be a hiouh-poor wizard if I couldn't understand what people were saying." The one unfamiliar word in the middle, a little softer than the rest, was obviously not English or even the unidentified universal language he was actually speaking.

"I'm Arhu," he added. "And that Gate didn't spit me out where I was supposed to go, so I guess there's some kind of problem here?"
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The look Arhu gave him was one that probably fit all cats everywhere, even adolescent ones that looked half-grown at best: it was that "are you new?" look that cats are so good at. "There are plenty of cat wizards. We're best at Gates, since we can work with hyperstrings and things without needing to use spells in between. But there's dog wizards and bird wizards-- not very many of them, though. And ehhif wizards, too, sure."

He went back to grooming, and kept talking between licks again. "A Gate. It's what opened up when I came through the water." Shudder. "Did you see that? The other place on the other side? I was trying to go to London, but the Gate is supposed to open up in the subway, not up here."
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Arhu's slightly-oversized ears skewed, annoyance and confusion both, and he paused in his grooming to squint at this other wizard. "A Gate. It takes you between places." He lashed his tail, decided not to elaborate further, and asked, "Didn't the Powers tell you about Gates...?"

Or did he have a rogue in his claws, here? Or worse, a new wizard on ordeal? By Iau, he hoped not! Arhu wasn't very good at gauging human ages, but this one did seem a little old for an ordeal, at least.
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"Any of them. I don't know what you call them here, everyone has different names for them, it could be any of them." Arhu wasn't exactly impressed with them here, though. Apparently things worked a little differently in this reality. "But if none of them have told you anything, then they're vhai'd rotten Powers."

He shook himself again, at least moderately dried off, and hopped off the rim of the fountain, wanting a little more space between him and it. "You shouldn't get any infernal creatures, though. A Gate is just... a portal between places. You might get some really confused people who belong in another reality, though, and that causes its own problems." He didn't want the balance to shift on them, and potentially wipe out one reality or the other....

"We'll have to figure out what's wrong, then. Or I will." He eyed Matthew with misgivings. This was really what the Powers decided would help him best? "Since you don't even know what a Gate is. What do you specialize in? Or do you specialize in anything yet?"
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Arhu flicked his tail, unimpressed. "Ehhif are so weird about their Powers... People do it much more sensibly. But I want to know because if I know what you can do, then I'll have a better idea of what I'm supposed to do. The Powers would have put us together for a reason, you know, didn't I say that? What you do and what I do are probably what they need to fix whatever the problem is."

Whether or not he knew Matthew was technically a Power-- or housing one, anyway-- probably wouldn't have affected much. Cats showed respect to their gods, in some fashion, but not when they were being dense.
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"I am part of the problem," Arhu huffed impatiently, giving his still-wet tail a lash, this time, rather than just a flick. "I'm just as out of place as everyone else who's gone through this gate without knowing it. And I can't go back until I know more about what's going on."

He turned quickly to lick his shoulders one more time, then hopped down off the fountain's ledge. "If you aren't going to help me, then I'll just start looking myself."